Monday, July 23, 2012

City Bundi, Rajasthan - Historical view

Bundi is a small city of Rajasthan but its historical monuments, lakes and artistic pictorial work on the wall of the forts keeps the place beauty. Every year enormous visitors comes across to Bundi to make their holiday one of the best memorable moments with their beloved ones. Its natural beauty is holding by its ancient havelies, palaces, lakes & forts and the entrance of the new tourists to Bundi enhances its beauty and value. It is the great place for married couples where they bring back their binds of devotion and promise in the most gorgeous festival Kajli Teej festival. Participation in this program, god bless the couples to spend a happy life with full of enjoyment.

Followings are the most beautiful tourist places where anyone would love to visit again and again...

Nawal Sagar Lake

In the center of Bundi the most beautiful Nawal Sagar is placed which is visible from the fort and have a lot of small islets and is the main attraction point of Bundi. Couples can spend a very romantic moment by its small islets and even lots of love birds can be seen in this place which also increases gorgeousness. The entire reflection of the city and palaces can be seen in the lack making which is the unique attraction of Bundi city.

Sukh Mahal

An outstanding summer palace on the Sukh Mahal Lake in the midst of the lush surrounding a wonderful garden from where an underground tunnel runs continuously which joins Sukh Mahal to the old palace and its cold wind keeps you relaxing all the day.

Taragarh Fort

If anyone wants to enjoy the wonderful beauty of sunset, they can move to the most beautiful Taragarh fort from where the view of the sunset can be straight forwardly watched and how the sun goes inside the heart of Rajasthan horizon. Most of the palace’s walls are depicted with traditional murals; among all of them tourist are allowed to visit to the Chitra Shala area where they can make some great fun.

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