Friday, December 21, 2012

Explore Rajasthan Wildlife National Park and Sanctuary

National parks and wildlife sanctuaries are some of the tourist destinations in Rajasthan that are worth visiting for. Aside from having the feeling of fun and excitement, you will also enjoy the amazing and refreshing scenery of nature in India.

Keoladeo National Park

The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary of Keoladeo National Park is situated between the two most historic cities of India, Jaipur and Agra. This lies in India's northwestern state of Rajasthan, approximately 190 km from the national capital of Delhi.

Ranthambore National Park

Well known for tigers, the Ranthambore National Park is located in the north western portion of Rajasthan, near the town of Sawai Madhopur, and midway between Kota and Bharatpur townships. The Aravali and Vindhya hill ranges surround this national park and is very close to the outer borders of the Thar Desert. This was originally a hunting ground of the Maharaja of Jaipur, and then it was in 1955 when Ranthambore was declared as a game sanctuary. It was in 1980 when it became a national park.

Desert National Park

The Desert National Park is located in the western portion of Rajasthan close to the town of Jaisalmer. This is one of the biggest national parks with an area of 3162 sq km. The main land form comprises of compact salt lake bottoms and craggy rocks, fixed dunes and intermedial areas which are relatively appropriate for the chinkara to move at great speed. Desert cat, wolf, Bengal fox and desert fox are other notable dwellers in the Desert National Park.

Sambhar Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

The biggest saline lake in India is Sambhar. It has an area of 190 sq km in extent of full capacity, and lies some 60 km from the western part of Jaipur. This huge body of glacial saline has an average deepness of 0.6 cm and never above 3 m even just after the monsoon. It has a varying width between 3 and 11 km and extends in length for 22.5 km.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 5 Must Visit Forts and Palaces of Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the biggest state of India and commonly well known for land of king or land of monuments. Due to there are a several magnificent monuments to visit in this regal and majestic Indian state. Monuments are backbone of Rajasthan Tourism and attract tourists through all over the world.

Here is short information concerning top five precious monuments (forts & palaces) to see during Traveling India.

  • Amber Fort in Jaipur (Pink City)

Amber Fort is located in the Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Jaipur is also known as a pink city. The structure which is known today as Amber Fort was initially a palace complex within the original fort of Amber that is today known as Jaigarh Fort. The ancient Amber Fort is one of the most sought after monuments in the state. It is located on a hill and its wonderful architecture which is combination of both Hindu and Mughal architectural styles. The fort complex houses built with red sandstone and marble consisting of the Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Sheesh Mahal, Jai Mandir, Sukh Niwas, etc.

  • Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajsamand District

Kumbhalgarh fort is located at Rajsamand district in Rajasthan. The huge gate of Kumbhalgarh fort is called the Ram Pole or Ram Gate and this gate was built by Rana Kumbha during 15th century to 19th century on impregnable hill. Kumbhalgarh is the also famous for birthplace of Maharana Pratap. This magnificent fort is open for tourists as a museum and houses many beautiful structures inside. The fortress is surrounded by giant walls which extended over 36 km. The Kumbhalgarh Wall is the second-largest continuous wall after the Great Wall of China.

  • Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur City

The massive Mehrangarh Fort is located in Jodhpur city, the second largest city of Rajasthan. It is one of the largest forts in Indian and known for its giant magnificent architecture. Jayapol is the mean from victory, Jayapol was built by Maharaja Man Singh and it is most popular in top seven gates, it is commemorate his victories over Jaipur and Bikaner armies. Fattehpol (also meaning 'victory') gate was built by Maharaja Ajit Singh to mark the defeat of the Mughals. The palm imprints upon these still attract much attention even today. Mehrangarh fort museum is one of the well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. There are many brilliantly crafted and decorate palaces within the fort complex. The most important attractions inside the fort complex include Moti Mahal (Pearl Palace), Phool Mahal (Palace of Flowers), Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace), Chamunda Mataji, Temple, etc.

  • Golden Fort in Jaisalmer City

Golden Fort is situated at Jaisalmer City in Rajasthan and it was built in 1156 AD by the Bhati Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal. The Golden Fort is also famed as a Sonar Kila or Jaisalmer Durg is one of the top most visited destinations place on during Rajasthan tours. Its massive yellow sandstone walls are a yellowish-brown color during the day, vanishing to honey-gold as the sun sets, thereby camouflaging the fort in the yellow sand. That's why it is called as the "Golden Fort".

  • City Palace in Jaipur

City Palace is a wonderful complex located in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. City Palace complex of Jaipur is a showed the mark able work of Rajput architecture. This exclusive and superb palace complex houses many beautiful structures. A major part of the 'City Palace' now consists of the 'Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum'. It is also the abode of the Jaipur Royal Family. Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal palaces are the major attraction of city palace complex.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Traveling Rajasthan: A Cultural and Historical View

This is a quick overview about "Discover Rajasthan Tour," where you will find world heritage monuments, cultural and historical places.

Rajasthan Hotels
Rajasthan is one of the most historical and cultural destination in India and every third foreign tourist who comes India especially for Rajasthan. This place is known the historical monuments, royal palaces and their warm hospitality. You can stay in comfortable and internationally awarded hotels & resorts. Here you will see a perfect blend of old tradition, modern comforts and luxury. Traveling Rajasthan is a unique experience which leaves wanting for more and more in your every visit.

Rajasthani Dance
Rajasthan is culturally rich and has wide tradition in culture and art which depicts Indian lifestyle and ancient history. The music, dance and other art forms are best things to enjoy here. Wonderful rich folk culture which comes from the villages of Rajasthan are mesmerizing and fascinating too. The music of innocence and songs will bring the picture of day to day life and chores and relationships of the people Rajasthan. You will know about that how these people were bringing water in their house for the daily activities. Folk dance of Rajasthan is superb and memorable too and tourists can also enjoy shopping of woodener items, traditional dresses and other things such wall hangings and painting. This place is popular for handmade items.

Bada Bagh, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Rajasthan is wonderful place to see the historical palaces and monuments build by the royal kings and emperors centuries ago. This place is known for the majestic forts, temples, havelis, wells are belong to the ancient times. This desert area is decorated with these monuments where kings and Rajputs ruled for many years. These monuments speak about the ancient lifestyle of India. This is also considered the most romantic city of India, which is situated near the capital city. You can easily reach this destination from any part of this world. Those who love sand and sun can enjoy whole day in sand. This place is hot in daytime and cold at night. Some of the best places to see during Rajasthan Travel are Dilwara Temples, Jantar Mantar, Jaisalmer havelis, Lake Palace Hotel, Chittorgarh Fort and City Palace. These places are now tourist attractions to see the best architectures and art on historical walls.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Wonderful Trip to Kumbhalgarh fort, Udaipur

What plan do you make whenever you prepare for Rajasthan tour? A trip to Rajasthan is becomes favorite for those people who earlier have visited some of its attractions or have heard about its warriors, glory, romance and adventurous activities of the state. The state is a home of many historical palaces, forts, natural beauty, temples and lakes. Each of the attraction portray the ancient history of Raja and Maharajas and that are the main reason of most of the tourists to visit Rajasthan at least once during their life span.

But Rajasthan tour becomes incomplete until and unless exploring the beauty of Kumbhalgarh fort, Udaipur. This old 15th century fort holds a large number of Hindu and Jain temples which you can never found in any other places of India as a whole. Other than those religious temples the place is the perfect music destination for most of the tourists which shows them the pure Rajasthani culture and its local dances.

Therefore, availing Rajasthan Tour Package with Kumbhalgarh fort will surely add some more fun and excitement in your tour which will never let you forget the tour for a single moment of time. Considering your tour budget and your most loving tour places of interest in any season Erco Travels brings some wonderful tour packages by acquiring any one of them not only you but also your kids can spend a fun full vacation after their end of exams.

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An Unmatchable Rajasthan Heritage Tour

Welcome to the Erco Travels cultural heritage tour which will drive you towards the most exotic tour destinations of ancient Rajasthan. This magical land is rich in culture and has many historical importances and never fail entice the hearts of the travelers around the world. This land of wide diversity of nature gives you the opportunity to explore Raja and Maharajas beautiful forts and palaces, natural beauty and its golden desert wonderfully.

Each and every place like Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner of this state are dotted with a so many wonderful attractions which can never be visited within a shorter time period or a single visit. These captivating destinations will take you back to the times of Raja and Maharajas and will tell you the glorious history of past. Come to explore the majestic beauty of Rajasthan (Northern Indian) in a delightful and memorable way by availing Rajasthan Tour Packages from one of the leading travel agencies in India. Such travel agencies help you to explore your desired city tour magnificently and save your valuable time.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Adventure Tour in Rajasthan

Aside from many historical places, monuments, rich culture and lifestyle, Rajasthan, the largest state of India provides some breathtaking adventurous activities. If you are an adventure lover then Rajasthan is the place where you can enjoy sufficient time in traditional games that once played by the royal family. The Jeep Safari will take you close the wildlife which is one of the most exciting adventures activity as compared to the camel and elephant safaris.

If you ever visit to Rajasthan don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy ballooning and Para-sailing activities which are played in the open and sandy countryside that will give you a great experience to view Rajasthan flying over the open air. Camel riding in the desert of Rajasthan is very much famous among the tourists, on sitting back of the desert ship, camel, you can move from one place to other easily without facing the hot sandy desert directly.

The hilly areas of Rajasthan are ideal for trekking who always welcomes you to experience the pleasure of Rajasthan Trekking Tours to all the major hilly areas. The adventurous places of Rajasthan never let you feel bore at any cost as it will keep entertaining you all the time. Each place will bring to you some new adventurous activity which you have never experienced before.

Monday, July 23, 2012

City Bundi, Rajasthan - Historical view

Bundi is a small city of Rajasthan but its historical monuments, lakes and artistic pictorial work on the wall of the forts keeps the place beauty. Every year enormous visitors comes across to Bundi to make their holiday one of the best memorable moments with their beloved ones. Its natural beauty is holding by its ancient havelies, palaces, lakes & forts and the entrance of the new tourists to Bundi enhances its beauty and value. It is the great place for married couples where they bring back their binds of devotion and promise in the most gorgeous festival Kajli Teej festival. Participation in this program, god bless the couples to spend a happy life with full of enjoyment.

Followings are the most beautiful tourist places where anyone would love to visit again and again...

Nawal Sagar Lake

In the center of Bundi the most beautiful Nawal Sagar is placed which is visible from the fort and have a lot of small islets and is the main attraction point of Bundi. Couples can spend a very romantic moment by its small islets and even lots of love birds can be seen in this place which also increases gorgeousness. The entire reflection of the city and palaces can be seen in the lack making which is the unique attraction of Bundi city.

Sukh Mahal

An outstanding summer palace on the Sukh Mahal Lake in the midst of the lush surrounding a wonderful garden from where an underground tunnel runs continuously which joins Sukh Mahal to the old palace and its cold wind keeps you relaxing all the day.

Taragarh Fort

If anyone wants to enjoy the wonderful beauty of sunset, they can move to the most beautiful Taragarh fort from where the view of the sunset can be straight forwardly watched and how the sun goes inside the heart of Rajasthan horizon. Most of the palace’s walls are depicted with traditional murals; among all of them tourist are allowed to visit to the Chitra Shala area where they can make some great fun.

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The Mesmerizing Rajasthan Packages

India, the land of rich and varied culture attracts people from all over the world. There are numerous places in India to visit from modern towns to ancient villages. Rajasthan is one among them. Rajasthan is a land of palaces, forts, modern towns and ancient villages, besides it is designed by royal designs and excellent art. Apart from the state’s culture, palaces and forts, it is famous for its rituals, food and folk dance. To enjoy the trip to Rajasthan, these tours and packages are the most excellent way to explore rich traditions of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan holiday packages is the best packages chained in the monuments, palaces, forts, deserts, mountains, wildlife sanctuaries, temples and national parks. The Rajasthan packages include golden triangle tours, Rajasthan camel safari and classical tour and these specialized tours are the most excellent packages offered by the India tour operators. It is the best way to explore these places with family and friends. The package also includes Jaisalmer which if famous for its Havelis.

The Rajasthan packages are planned to lure the travelers to visit these fabulous places like the Pink City (Jaipur) which is the capital of Rajasthan and it is well known for Udaipur that is famous for the Lake Palace and City Palace. The exotic Rajasthani cuisine and the affectionate hospitality of the people attract the tourists to this fabulous destination. Jodhpur, in Rajasthan cheers its visitors to enjoy the marvelous Umaid Bhawan Palace.

The music performances played by the musicians with sarangi, sitar and dhokli attract the travelers from all over the world. The dances like the Kalbeliya and Ghoomar the cultural dance are the most important part of this package. These activities of Rajasthan are very highlighted in during pushkar camer fair that is attracting travelers from all over the world.

There are many different packages when one talks about the Rajasthan packages which include tiger tour packages, cultural and heritage tour package and wildlife tour package etc. By taking the camel safari one can explore Rajasthan’s charming sand dunes. During the moon light the sand dunes attract more visitors since it gives peace and shine to the soul and mind of the tourist. Besides, the beauty of the deserts cannot be ignored.

The legends of the rulers lure the visitors to listen to the tales so that they can carry the important knowledge with them of the spot they had visited while they go back. The exquisite lifestyle and the imperial splendor of the rulers will surely amaze the tourists. Rajasthan is famous for its delicious food that makes the travelers enthralled after hogging them with immense pleasure. A range of vegetarian savories are accessible while traveling through Rajasthan like spicy pyaaj ki kachori, besan ka roti, dal bhatti churma, dal parantha together with non-vegetarian cuisines for the outsiders that are sure to add flavors to the exciting tour.

The wildlife tours of Rajasthan is the most exciting part of the tour that sets a expedition through the thick forests, national parks, tigers den, sanctuaries and tiger reserves. The tiger safari will be the best experience of the traveler. The tiger’s den is unraveled by the Ranthambore National park. To know the best about the Rajasthan packages one can log in to different websites that provide information on these packages.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Desert Camel Safari in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, desert safaris among the tourists are very famous. Desert safari means an overland trip through the desert riding on the back of the ship of the desert, camel. Safari is derived from an Arabic word ‘Safra’ meaning ‘a journey’. Desert camel safari includes amazing desert scenery, the experience of riding a camel, Dal and Chapati cooked over an open fire, incredible star-gazing (no ambient light and no pollution), and a flavor of a different world. Length of the safari can be from 4 hours to 5 days.

Rajasthan Camel Safari and riding a camel in the desert can be fun and thrilling. You can have the experience of both the royal subject and the normal village as both of them used camels for there transportation. Camel is till used a reliable mode of transportation for the villagers for small distances. But those having some back problems, special considerations should be kept in mind while riding a camel so that this fun filled ride won’t turn into a painful experience for them.

The desert scenery is eye pleasing and the food is delicious. The night becomes beautiful with the sky filled with stars. It’s a great think to try and with a good guide and proper preparation for the safari like sufficient bottled water, sunscreen, a hat, a flashlight, and warm clothes for the cold night air, it will surely leave you with a life time memories. But be sure to choose the right Rajasthan tour package so that you can enjoy it the whole Tours of Rajasthan without missing anything.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Get Closer to Experience The Wild Rajasthan

The largest state of India, Rajasthan, also houses four big national park and wildlife sanctuaries of India. Keoladeo National Park of Bharatpur, Sariska Tiger Reserve of Alwar, Ranthambore National Park of Sawai Madhopur, and Desert National Park of Jaisalmer are located around different parts of Rajasthan and are for the preservation and protect of the wildlife in Rajasthan. The Ranthambore National Park and Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary are both famous around the world for their tiger population. Tourists from India and all around the world visit Rajasthan every year to have a look at the amazing wilderness and natural habitat of these animals in these parks and sanctuaries. Wildlife National Parks India -

Keoladeo National Park of Bharatpur -
The Keoladeo National Park also known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park (formerly Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) in Bharatpur hosts thousands of birds every year and especially during the winter season. It is declared a world heritage site and is also a protected sanctuary. It is a major tourist spot as tourists and ornithologists from around the world visit the sanctuary to observe the various bird species during the hibernal or winter season. It is the largest bird area in the world.

Sariska Tiger Reserve of Alwar -
Sariska Tiger Reserve is a national park and is a part of India's Project Tiger. This national park is in the Alwar district. It is mainly a tiger reserve but other wildlife species are also found in this park. The area of Sariska is a part of the Aravalli Range (one of the oldest mountain range). Also besides wildlife it also has many historical and religious sites.

Ranthambore National Park of Sawai Madhopur -
Ranthambore National Park or Ranthambhore National Park is one of the largest national parks in northern India. It is also a part of the Indian government’s Project Tiger to save the decreasing population of tigers. The Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary is popular for its tigers as tigers can be easily spotted even during the day time and this makes it one of the best places in India to see tigers in the jungle. The best time would be of November and May when the trees of the forest shed there leaves seasonally and the sighting becomes easier.

Desert National Park of Jaisalmer -
Desert National Park, situated in the west of Rajasthan near Jaisalmer, is one of the largest national parks in India covering huge area. It’s a great example of the Thar Desert’s ecosystem. This park has a variety of resident bird and thousands of birds migrate to this national park every year. Eagles, falcons, buzzards, harriers, kestrel, vultures, Short-toed Eagles, Tawny Eagles, Spotted Eagles, Laggar Falcons and kestrels can be seen here. Between November and January is the most suitable time for touring.

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