Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flavors of Traditional Cuisines in Rajasthan Tour

Hey guys, have you ever been in the magical land, Rajasthan? If yes, then you must have tried out the flavors of mouth-watering multi Rajasthani cuisines. Imagining Rajasthan Tour without savor of its delicious cuisines sounds like weird. The gastronomy of this region is totally different from any other cities or state of India and its rich delicacies always allow you to add more and more spice to your life. Cooking in Rajasthan has come from the root and it also shows the lifestyle of the people living here. As the state once was ruled by Mughals and Rajputs, so, you can also expect to taste traditional and Shahi dishes over here.

During Rajasthan tour, you can often hear the word 'Thali'. It is obvious that first, time visitors will definitely be surprised by this word. But, what is actually? It's a custom of Rajasthani people which once was followed by royal families since years ago, where they offer some delectable variety of dishes in a single, but comparatively big plate. Along with this, you can also taste one of the famous dishes of Rajasthani cuisine, Dal-Bati-Churma which makes a Thali complete. During all auspicious occasions, presence of this trendy recipe make it complete. Flavors of yummy foods spread in every city of the state that will surely allow you to carry some good taste from India Tour.

Bajre Ki Roti
Existence of some other popular recipes like bajre ki roti, khichdi, roti, bail-gatte and kadhi enhances the beauty of Rajasthani Thali. Finger-licking chutneys, papads and salads, how one can forget? One can say foodies delight place.

Rajasthani Thali
This is not the end of your meal; yummiest desserts like ghevar, feeni and gujia are served after you have finished your meal. Would you not like to experience this special treatment of Rajasthani people while you are in this state? Exquisite restaurants of this terrain are beautifully holding such an amazing tradition with descent a variety of cuisines which you can discover during North India tour.

Rajasthan Desert Gujia
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