Monday, September 17, 2012

A Wonderful Trip to Kumbhalgarh fort, Udaipur

What plan do you make whenever you prepare for Rajasthan tour? A trip to Rajasthan is becomes favorite for those people who earlier have visited some of its attractions or have heard about its warriors, glory, romance and adventurous activities of the state. The state is a home of many historical palaces, forts, natural beauty, temples and lakes. Each of the attraction portray the ancient history of Raja and Maharajas and that are the main reason of most of the tourists to visit Rajasthan at least once during their life span.

But Rajasthan tour becomes incomplete until and unless exploring the beauty of Kumbhalgarh fort, Udaipur. This old 15th century fort holds a large number of Hindu and Jain temples which you can never found in any other places of India as a whole. Other than those religious temples the place is the perfect music destination for most of the tourists which shows them the pure Rajasthani culture and its local dances.

Therefore, availing Rajasthan Tour Package with Kumbhalgarh fort will surely add some more fun and excitement in your tour which will never let you forget the tour for a single moment of time. Considering your tour budget and your most loving tour places of interest in any season Erco Travels brings some wonderful tour packages by acquiring any one of them not only you but also your kids can spend a fun full vacation after their end of exams.

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